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"The Medal - This is me" INTERNATIONAL MEDALLIC PROJECT 2020 - bulgaria


THE MEDAL - THIS IS ME because medals reflect different aspects of our lives, our joys and sorrows, dreams and disappointments. The seven medal sessions have the following names and dead-lines:

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MY FAMILY - the 102nd edition of the International project of the medallic studio at the National Academy of Art, Sofia. Prof. Bogomil Nikolov presents the new poster of The International Virtual Exhibition which attracts more and more participants. Especially now with the Coronavirus.

This annual medal project started in 2006 and is held annually in the months of February, March, April, May, October, November and December. It is intended as a parallel curriculum for additional incentive for students from the Medal Studio at the National Academy of Arts, but due to the great interest in the project, we invite colleagues from other countries as well as students from other educational institutions. This creative collaboration gives a unique opportunity for young medalists to get acquainted with different world trends, concepts and styles.

For the past 14 years, 98 working sessions have been held at which about 3,500 medals and medal objects have ben presented. At the end of each working session a virtual exhibition of all participants is organized with a poster catalog which can be viewed on several websites.

At the Academy of Arts, we arrange one-day exhibition of works in material. These monthly exhibitions are very attractive to young artists in their first steps in the art of the medal, and promotes its popularization. Contributing to this is the regular participation of both established and young authors from different countries. The project participants have complete freedom to interpret the topics as well as to choose materials and techniques.

To participate in the project it is necessary to send a picture of a 300 dpi. to:

Prof. Bogomil Nikolov


2019 borders

Future for Nature
is the subject of 2020 year’s project. The main question is: how do you see the future for nature?


The 12th edition of international medal project is a continuation of previous international projects entitled: Borders in 2019, Faith in 2018, Identity in 2017, Civilization in 2016, Heritage in 2015, Bonds in 2014, Freedom in 2013, Signs of the time in 2012, Home in 2011, Time in 2010 and Dialogue in 2009. They were addressed to fine arts universities and colleges all over the world, where the contemporary medallic art is being taught and which were interested in taking part in the project. The whole project shows the vast diversity in perceiving tendencies and development of contemporary medallic art, from formal perspective and widely understood creation in usage of different materials.

Finally 12 universities’ studios from 10 countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal and Poland as well as a group of artists: Mashiko group Medialia ... Rack and Hamper Gallery, USA) gathered to participate in this project. Altogether 126 people exchanged their artistic experiences and thoughts about the Future for nature subject and its interpretations. The whole project shows the vast diversity in perceiving tendencies and development of contemporary medallic art, from formal perspective and widely understood creation in usage of different materials.

The project coordinators of this year’s edition are Assistant Professor Sebastian Mikołajczak from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland and  Assistant Professor Shinji Miyasaka from the Faculty of Art and Design of the University of Tsukuba, Japan.

The last stage of this year's project will be an exhibition which takes place in Oyama Town in Japan at the end of October 2020.  The exhibition organizer  is Assistant Professor Shinji Miyasaka.

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The latest seventh sessions of the Permanent Medal Project of the MSSS in 2018 was called Medal Ages. The 14th edition of the virtual medal project of the MSSS begins in February 2019. The aim is to create new works, inspired by the optimistic atmosphere of the popular song "WE ARE THE WORLD". It is not necessary to "illustrate" the text but create medal works under the "accompaniment" of this great hit. The new project gives more freedom for interpretation. It consists of seven sessions as usual:




we are the children WeAreHope WeAreTheChoice



The participation in this medal show is open. For more information, please contact Prof. Bogomil Nikolov,


Between 11 and 22 November 2019, the exhibition with the medals produced by emerging artists is opened for the public at Daido University in Nagoya City, Japan

The competition exhibit began in May 2018 at the Medialia Gallery in New York. The award ceremony was held during the FIDEM Congress in Ottawa and later Medialia Gallery in New York. The exhibition then travelled to the Lisbon University (Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade Lisboa) in Portugal for the duration of December 2018 to the end of January, 2019.

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The 9th International Medal Symposium - Bulgaria

The 9th International Medal Symposium was held from 18 to 27 August 2919 with the participation of Jānis Strupulis from Latvia, Mercédesz Molnar from Hungary,Sue Aperghis from the UK, as well as the Bulgarian participants Alexandra Angelova, Kiril Georgiev and Emil Bachiyski and Bogomil Nikolov /organizer/. Due to immediate repairs, it was not held at the "Blue House" as usual but at two other attractive places such as Veliko Tarnovo. The participants worked at the Vihroni Art Center in the mountain village of Dolno Kamartsi and the town of Tryavna, known for its traditions in wood carving and icon painting.





































































































Memento Mori
Artist: Francesca Muscianesi (Italy)
Grand prix: Keiichi and Kyoko Uryu Award