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student projects


The latest seventh sessions of the Permanent Medal Project of the MSSS in 2018 was called Medal Ages. The 14th edition of the virtual medal project of the MSSS begins in February 2019. The aim is to create new works, inspired by the optimistic atmosphere of the popular song "WE ARE THE WORLD". It is not necessary to "illustrate" the text but create medal works under the "accompaniment" of this great hit. The new project gives more freedom for interpretation. It consists of seven sessions as usual:




we are the children WeAreHope WeAreTheChoice


The participation in this medal show is open. For more information, please contact Prof. Bogomil Nikolov,



2019 borders

is the subject of 2019 year’s project. The main question is: how would you define borders?


The 11th edition of international medal project is a continuation of previous international projects entitled: Faith in 2018, Identity in 2017, Civilization in 2016, Heritage in 2015, Bonds in 2014, Freedom in 2013, Signs of the time in 2012, Home in 2011, Time in 2010 and Dialogue in 2009. They were addressed to fine arts universities and colleges all over the world, where the contemporary medallic art is being taught and which were interested in taking part in the project. The whole project shows the vast diversity in perceiving tendencies and development of contemporary medallic art, from formal perspective and widely understood creation in usage of different materials.

This project allows to broadly exchange various experiences in contemporary medallic art from centres in all over the world. It also demonstrates how precious and valuable is the mutual cooperation and the experience gained from it. This project is initiated by the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń in Poland.

I want to thank all of you for taking part in our project and for all th effort you have put in it. I hope it will result in further cooperation between the universities and the next projects.

Project coordinator Dr Sebastian Mikołajczak

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The latest seventh sessions of the Permanent Medal Project of the MSSS in 2017 was called I Have a Dream to Go On and here, it really goes on with seven new sessions under the common name: MEDAL AGES.

The latest 13th edition of the MSSS permanent project in 2018 is finishing with its last medal session "Art Deco". In the seven sessions of this year's project about 230 authors participated. Since the project started 13 years ago about 2,990 medals have been presented on the posters.


Since February 2018 the following topics have been shown:

MedalAges1 MedalAges2MedalAges3 MedalAges4 MedalAges5 MedalAges6

The first four tasks are devoted to ancient cultures and the other three to popular styles. The aim was to create new, contemporary works inspired by the character and atmosphere of the period or style.

NEW IDEAS in MEDALLIC SCULPTURE 2017-2018 - Portugal


Between 29th November and 28th December, the itinerant exhibitions of medals and sculpture of small format New Ideas in Medallic Sculpture 2017-2018 and the 3rd New Approach International Medallic Sculpture Competition for Emerging Artists, is held at the Chapel of Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon University (FBAUL).

New Ideas in Medallic Sculpture is a project of exchange and cooperation between institutions of artistic education, promoted by New Approach, Inc., Medialia ... Rack and Hamper Gallery (USA) and FBAUL which, since 1998, has made possible the sharing of experiences, references and plastic thoughts, as well as the construction of a repertoire of different trends in contemporary medal art.

The 19th edition of the New Ideas exhibition features fifteen students and alumni from FBAUL and thirteen students from Daido University.It was previously featured at Medialia ... Rack and Hamper Gallery in New York and Daido University, in Nagoya, Japan.

Also sponsored by New Approach, Inc., the exhibition the 3rd New Approach International Medallic Sculpture Competition for Emerging Artists brings together works by young artists from Bulgaria, USA, Hungary and Italy, winners of the homonymous competition to present works in the areas of medal and small-format sculpture.


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The 8th International Medal Symposium, Veliko Turnovo, August 2018 - bulgaria

Blue House

"I have a dream..." INTERNATIONAL MEDALLIC PROJECT 2017 - bulgaria

I_Have_a_DreamI Have a Dream is the 12th edition of the traditional project of the Medallic Sculpture Studio at the National Academy of Art. It consists of seven sessions during the months of: February, March, April, May, October, November and December of 2017.

It does not mater if you are a dreamer or not. This project invites you to make your dreams come true in a piece of art: a medal.

Regular artists and dreamers can participate in the project. The choice of dreams (subjects) is free. All conventional and unconventional materials and techniques are allowed.

The seven dreams are:

Dream1 Dream2 Dream3 Dream4 Dream5 Dream6

Dream cloud: The medallic Sculpture Studio of Prof. B. Nikolov at the National Academy of Art. The participants in the project can send photos of their works (300dpi) to the following address:

My students and I eagerly await your medals. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Prof. Bogomil Nikolov