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The 2017 J. SanFord saltus award - new york (usa) / Sofia(Bulgaria)

The Academy Gallery of the National Academy of Art in Sofia presents a retrospective medal exhibition of Prof. Bogomil Nikolov on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of his creative activity, 50 of which are devoted to the art of the medal.


During the opening ceremony of this retrospective exhibition, Prof. Nikolov was officially awarded the prestigious award for outstanding achievements in medallic sculpture. Dr. Ute Bartenberg Kagan, Executive Director and member of the Sanford Saltus Award Committee, presented the award on behalf of the American Numismatic Society.

A guest of the event was also Julia Krasnabayeva, curator at the Coin and Medal of the Pushkin State Museum of Art in Moscow.






The 2017 and 2018 J. SanFord saltus award - new york (usa)

will be awarded to the sculptors and medal artists Bogomil Nikolov (Bulgaria) and Geer Steyn (The Netherlands) during a ceremony at the XXXV FIDEM congress in Ottawa.

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THE 2011 J. SANFORD SALTUS AWARD - New York (USA)SatusMedal








was awarded to the Portuguese sculptor and medal artist, João Duarte during a ceremony with an exhibition of his work on 6th November 2012 at the ANS. For more information see the enclosed PDF.





saltus2009The British sculptor and medal artist, Ron Dutton was awarded with the J. Sanford Saltus Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Art of the Medal. The award was given to the artist during the award ceremony at the American Numismatic Society on February 12, 2009.

Philip Attwood, Keeper of the Coin and Medal Department at the British Museum and President of the British Art Medal Society, writes: "Ron Dutton has remained at the forefront of this extraordinary development, working to communicate the potential of the medal as a medium of artistic expression and at the same time producing a body of work that is astonishing in its variety. One essential theme running through his very diverse oeuvre is the artist’s self-identifi cation with the natural world. Whether it be a ploughed fi eld or the swooping of a bird, the microscopic or the cosmic, Dutton compels us to see nature afresh through his eyes – and to ponder the role that humanity plays within nature."

Photo: Mr Bud Wertheim, Mr Ron Dutton and Mrs Marlene Wertheim

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Rainbow Tree

Spring Twitter
artist:Ron Dutton
(Great Britain)

Spring Twitter

Rainbow Tree Gatherer
artist:Ron Dutton
(Great Britain)