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first Mel Wacks Judaica Art Medal Prize

The Mel Wacks Judaica Art Medal Prize will be awarded - for the first time at the FIDEM congress in Ottawa - to the creator of an outstanding medal exhibited at the biennial FIDEM Congress with a Judaic theme: person, place, Old Testament, etc.

The Prize, sponsored by Mel Wacks and the Jewish-American Hall of Fame, will consist of $250 plus a certificate. Any artist exhibiting a suitable medal at the upcoming FIDEM Congress is invited to submit pictures to at least 60 days before the Congress. The winner will be announced at the Congress.

the bams struck medal award

Nominations are now open for the BAMS Struck Medal Award 2017. Any recently produced struck medal is eligible. Nominations may be made by individuals (including the artist responsible for the medal), companies and organisations. Nominations must be received by 30 November 2017.

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Fattorini website

Exhibition of FIDEM 2016 medals in Beijing (China) in 2017

It is the hope that the medals currently on show in Belgium (and to be returned early next year) will travel in 2017 to an exhibition in Beijing. This is not an official FIDEM exhibition, but it represents an exciting opportunity for those countries and artists who wish to participate. For the exhibition to be realised, a minimum of 300 medals out of the 900 medals shown in Belgium are required.

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XIV International Symposium of Medals in Kremnica (Slovakia)

1The main idea of the International Symposium of Medals (ISM) in Kremnica is to create favorable conditions for the creative work of the participating authors, contribute to the exchange of information and creative stimuli on the international level.

The event is an opportunity for medal artists from different countries to get to know the present-day life and cultural activity in Slovakia, to acquaint themselves with the rich history of the town of Kremnica, with its tradition of producing coins and medals. It offers the opportunity of learning about the possibilities for the further development of medal art with regard for the activity of the Kremnica Mint, which has operated without interruption for almost 700 years.

2During the symposium participants create designs for one original struck two-sided medal (plaster model must be circular and have diameter exactly 180 mm) and designs for five cast one-sided medals or plackets (maximal dimension is 180 mm). The medals realized during the symposium will be presented at the exhibition in the numismatic exhibition of the NBS-MMM. The exhibition opening will take place on 28th October 2017.

The theme for the struck medal:
National Bank of Slovakia
25th Anniversary
/1993 – 2018/

Themes for cast medals are free.

Application Form

Interested persons should send an application by post, e-mail or fax to the NBS – Museum of coins and medals in Kremnica at latest by 31st  May 2017.

American Medal of the Year Award 2016 - USA

Mel Wacks, Jury Chair of the the American Medallic Sculpture Association’s American Medal of the Year (AMY) Award, has indicated that “The jurors had a tough time choosing among many wonderful medals.” The winner is Remembrance by Susan Taylor of Ottawa, honoring the heroic efforts of the artist’s grandfather, George Edie and his fellow comrades who fought in the 2nd Battle of Ypres during the “Great War for Civilization." Susan describes the medal: “The portrait of the young soldier framed by the barbed wire represents youth sacrificed through the loss of life, imprisonment and emotional trauma. On the reverse the poppies emerging from the barbed wire symbolize the loss of life through the spent flowers, the flowers in bloom: the survivors and the young buds: the future, lest we forget.” The large 90mm bronze Remembrance medal will be limited to 45 pieces.

soldier soldier

For more information please contact Mel Wacks at

conceptual medal by mirjam mieras(the netherlands)
"Black Hole / 2016 is a medal which glows in the dark. The obverse shows a black hole absorbing stardust, stars and planets. The reverse is a close-up of the black hole with planets falling into the darkness. My Black Holes are made made from Fimo, great stuff from Staedtler."

mieras mieras



conceptual medal by linda Verkaaik (the netherlands)


"The medal’s natural habit is to be touched, to hold in your hand…so you can see close by,
all what is inside… its message. I can only control what’s in the palm of my own hand. "



conceptual medal by james malonebeach (USA)



"This is a conceptual medal which is an installation that I made about my amazing time in Finland. While at the symposium I had the rest of the participants make a impression of there thumb print in wax. I then cast these impressions in bronze. I also photographed the artists eye's. The finished works are displayed with images of the artists eyes and below are thirteen small soap stone containers, each holding one of the artists thumb print, with there name imprinted into the side of the medal. The table is illuminated from below which shows a gradual variation in light from left to right, symbolizing the gradual change in memory and the lack of interaction with the participants."



Two czech medal projects

Medallist Otakar Dušek is presenting two of his medal projects in movies. One is about the presentation of a commemorative medal for the anniversary of the Czech Republic and the second one for the medal over

Jan Palach (1948-1969)

a Czech student of history and political economy who committed self-immolation as a political protest against the end of the Prague Spring resulting from the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact armies.


The medal is based on the death mask of Jan Palach which was borrowed from its creator, Olbram Zoubek, for the sole purpose of aiding the creation of this medal. Otakar2The main motive on the obverse side of the medal depicts the burned lips of Jan Palach which can never be silenced and which symbolically speak to future generations. The lips on the medal were transferred in a ratio of 1: 1 to the smallest detail. The reverse side of the medal carries a statement by the dying Palach: "A man must fight against the evil that he is able to fight” by which he justified his act. The medal is stored in a medal box reminiscent of a surgical instruments case. The text on the upper lid says: JAN PALACH, 16-01 – 1969. The creative film Opus 13 – Palach was a part of the creation process.

Opus 12 - Czech Republic Commemorative Medal
Opus 13 - Jan Palach Medal

testing the boundaries of the medal-art world
and discovering new ways to approach medal-art

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PushkinDatabaseThe Coins&Medals Department of the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts has developed an internet portal of their collection. At the moment it is the only resource of this kind existing in the Russian Federation. One of the main aims of this resource is to provide access to the electronic database of the museum numismatic collections for the public and specialists.

To access the database go to Coins&Medals Department










































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