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O Devir da Forma - Town Hall of Seixal (Portugal)

The Town Hall of Seixal inaugurated on 28th October 2017 the exhibition O Devir da Forma, in honor of the sculptor Helder Batista.

This exhibition, which includes some of his most important works, among drawings, sculptures and medals is open to the public at the Art Gallery Augusto Cabrita, in the Cultural Forum of Seixal, until 9th December 2017.

In the accomplishment of the exhibition the Grupo Anverso/Reverso – Medalha Contemporânea (Obverse / Reverse Group - Contemporary Medal) collaborated with the family of the sculptor. More than 80 medals are in the exhibit, some of which were produced by the Portuguese Mint and are present in the Museum's collection.

seixal4 Seixal1








Until 15th December 2017, the medal exhibition The Croatian Contemporary Medal can be viewed at the Studio Moderne Galerije

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National Museum of Lithuania - Vilnius (lithuania)




On the 18th of November at the National Museum of Lithuania in Vilnius opened the XI Republic-wide medal triennial. The ongoing beautiful tradition for the eleventh time is inviting the public to rejoice the newest works of art created in the period of the past three years by the Lithuanian medallists. In exhibition there are more than twenty artists participating with a guest of honor from Ukraine. The Mint of Lithuania and LLC Alpera are showing their medallic production as well.

Amongst the well known medal artists - P. Repšys, J. Kalinauskas, S. Žilienė, A. Olbutas and P. Gintalas - the exposition is also enriched by a couple of jewelers from Telšiai - S. Rekašius and B. Zdramytė - who's creations outstand with precision and subtle modelling of the metal, combining with other materials, such as stone.


After all, medallic art has relations with such art fields like sculpture, graphics and jewelry. Therefore the artists from these fields tend to try to express their ideas through the medium of medal art. The variety of themes at the exhibition is very wide - from historical to poetic and even existential dimensions. Artists are seeking to preserve the traditions of medallic art, but at the same time seeking new expressions for contemporary ideas.


The longevous organizer of the medal art triennials Antanas Olbutas describes this exhibition with such phrase: " Inextinguishable aspiration towards the sun". The exhibition will be opened until the 8th of January 2018.

Lina Kalinauskaitė
Photo: Jurga Karosaitė (LNM exhibitions dep.)

Museum of Coins and Medals - Kremnica (Slovakia)

slovakia3In 2015 the Slovak Art Medal Society celebrated 25 years of active participation in the Slovak visual arts community since its foundation. For many years, members of the Slovak Art Medal Society have regularly and successfully presented their works at various events in this country and abroad, for example at the FIDEM world exhibitions of medal art, joint events with medal artists from the V4 countries, or at various international art symposia. Slovakia also has rich tradition of group medal art shows dating back to the 1980s. Among the most significant cyclical exhibitions were the Quadrennial of Medals (1985, 1989 and 1993) and the Slovak Art Medal (1983 and 1987) organized by the Museum of Coins and Medals in Kremnica. These were followed by exhibitions of the best work by members of the Slovak Art Medal Society, which were organized in the years 1990, 1995, 2005 and 2011.


Slovakia2The Slovak Art Medal 2010 – 2015 has been organised to mark the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Slovak Art Medal Society and also to showcase the recent work of the association’s members. The aim was to focus exclusively on examples of Slovak art medal produced in the last 5 years by current and former members of the Society and by guests. The exhibition also commemorates the work of those who died in the last 5 years. A total of 41 artists are represented. The main exhibits include cast medals and plaques, minted, embossed and engraved medals, and selected small decorative sculptures or miniature objects, as well as commemorative and collector coins. Contemporary Slovak medal art is keeping pace with global developments in the visual arts; it has absorbed the latest artistic trends and enables artists to cast in metal their perceptions of the world and their attitudes to contemporary and universal human themes.

The exhibition is opened until 18th November 2017 at the Gallery of the NBS – Museum of Coins and Medals (Štefánikovo nám. 33/40, Kremnica) and is accompanied by a splendid catalogue.

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Exhibition of FIDEM 2016 medals in Beijing (China) in 2017

It is the hope that the medals currently on show in Belgium (and to be returned early next year) will travel in 2017 to an exhibition in Beijing. This is not an official FIDEM exhibition, but it represents an exciting opportunity for those countries and artists who wish to participate. For the exhibition to be realised, a minimum of 300 medals out of the 900 medals shown in Belgium are required.


CNM2The medals will be exhibited at the China Numismatic Museum (CNM) from August through to November 2017 and then at the Beijing International Coin Exposition (BICE), to be held over three days in the first weekend of November 2017. The BICE is held in the China National Convention Center, Beijing, and normally attracts up to 30,000 visitors.


It is hoped that as many countries as possible will submit the medals previously exhibited in Belgium. It is proposed that the national delegates should take care of the arrangements. However, if there are countries where this is not possible, then individual artists in those countries may send their medals to Beijing.



Although this is not an exhibition organised by FIDEM, the usual FIDEM exhibition practice will be followed, with senders meeting the outward costs of shipping and insurance and the Organizer meeting the return costs and the costs for the exhibition and publication etc. The Chinese organisers will supply information on customs procedures, with ATA carnets the generally preferred method. To make the customs formalities simpler, the medals will not be for sale, but will be returned to the senders.



Information about the artists and the medals can be done by using the same information provided for the Ghent exhibition. In the exhibition a label giving the artist's name and the title of the work will accompany each medal. A publication will accompany the exhibition, which will include information on each artist and medal and the artist’s contact details. Artists who are willing to publish their pictures are also welcome to send the picture to the Organizer.

Practical information and dead-lines

The contact person in China is the Chinese FIDEM delegate and employee of China Gold Coin Inc., Sophia Sun (e-mail: Please copy in FIDEM's President, Philip Attwood (e-mail: and General Secretary Marie-Astrid Pelsdonk (e-mail: to your correspondences.

15th December 2016: last day to contact Sopha Sun to let her know that you wish to participate in the exhibition.

Between 10th June and 10th July 2017: the medals with the information about the medals that was submitted to Belgium and preferably with a picture of the artist, should arrive in China .

August to November 2017: Exhibition at the China Numismatic Museum (CNM)
Three days in the first weekend of November 2017: Exhibition at the Beijing International Coin Exposition (BICE).



































































































Catalogue accompanying
the exhibition
The Croatian Contemporary Medal