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Fédération Internationale de la Médaille d'Art
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international art medal competitions


supported by Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Withington
sponsored by New Approach and Medallia Gallery

The prospectus and online application form will be posted soon!  
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1st Prize: Robin and Frederic Withington Award
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Withington                

2nd Prize: David Simpson Memorial Award : Statements of Concern Sponsored by the Simpson family

3rd Prize: Innovative use of Technique/Material Award  
Sponsored by Medialia Gallery                   

Ann Shaper Pollack
For the American Artist 
Sponsored by the Pollack  family                 

Collector’s purchase awards
Masaharu Kakitsubo Award: the Most Imaginative Work                                        $250
Mary N. Lannin: Award for the Coin Design*                                                             $250
Roslyn and Scott Miller Award: Excellence in Bas-Relief                                           $250
Ira Rezak Award: Theme of A Current Political Comment                                       $250
Donald Scarinci Award:  Figurative Subject                                                                $250
Stephen Scher Award: Portrait Medal                                                                        $250

Competition theme: HARMONY
Celebrating the hope that the differences among people all over the world can be harmoniously resolved

Submission Regulations
Eligibility:  Artists born after 1985; proof of the age require
Work Regulations: Maximum of four submissions (obverse + reverse of a single medal counts as two submissions)


Submission Deadlines:

Work Exhibition Duration
• Fall, 2024 case exhibition Jersey City Heights, NJ, USA
• On going digital exhibition at



• Philip Attwood – President of FIDEM - Former Keeper of Coins and Medals, British Museum
• Maria Rosa Figueiredo – Vice President of FIDEM - Former Curator at Gulbenkian Museum at Lisbon, Portugal
• Gwen Pier - Executive Director, National Sculpture Society, USA
• Dr. Alan Stahl - Curator of Numismatics at Princeton University • Past USA Delegate of FIDEM
• Dr. Peter van Alfen - Curatorial Department Head and Director of the Department of the Art of Devastation at American Numismatic Society      
• Mashiko - Founder and Director of New Approach and Medialia Gallery - Past USA FIDEM, Former Master Lecturer at The University of The Arts, Philadelphia, Sculpture Department



Guidelines for art medal competitions and commissions

FIDEM using their full experience have prepared a guideline to help all those interested in medals.

For more information