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happy Birthday Lars O. Lagerqvist!

Our Honorary President, Mr Lars O. Lagerqvist, has been active in FIDEM for 65 years! He joined FIDEM for the first time in 1954, held several positions within the organisation and was its president between 1975 and 1994. He is a Swedish numismatist, historian and author but also a great gastronome, who still remembers the menus and wine lists from FIDEM dinners in the 1950’s!


Lars O. Lagerqvist FIDEM

Today on the 8th of February 2019, Lars O. Lagerqvist is celebrating his 90th birthday and therefore his friends from FIDEM would like to wish him

a Happy Birthday!


Lars O. Lagerqvist Marie-Astrid Voisin Pelsdonk FIDEM

Mr Lagerqvist here with Marie-Astrid Voisin Pelsdonk during the XXXI congress in Tampere in 2010.
Photo: J. Pelsdonk


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The city of Tokyo (Japan) will host the modern art medal congress between 20th to 24th October 2020.

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The XXXV FIDEM congress was a big success. Information about the congress, its events and pictures can be found under Archives or by clickling on the link below.


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Mr Lagerqvist holding a lecture containing many anecdotes during the XXXI congress in Tampere in 2010.
Photo: M. Voisin Pelsdonk









Lars O. Lagerqvist Ernst Nordin

Lars O. Lagerqvist Ernst Nordin

Lars O. Lagerqvist
Artist: Ernst Nordin
Photo: Royal Coin Cabinet, Stockholm