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Guidelines for delegates and vice-delegates

A new guideline for delegates and vice-delegates is now available. It was created to help delegates in their work and what members can expect from them. You will find some answers in the enclosed PDF. The guidelines have been put together after the congress in Glasgow in 2012 and been revised in December 2018.


Guidelines for congresses

Would you like to organize a FIDEM congress and wondering what is required and what needs to be done and when? You will find some answers in the enclosed PDF. The guidelines have been put together after the congress in Glasgow in 2012 and the last revision was made in December 2018.



Medals have been associated with honour and glory since they first appeared during the Italian Renaissance. Originally made to commemorate individuals and events, they have been presented as prizes and awards since the eighteenth century.

The commissioning of a medal provides considerable benefits to any organisation or private patron. It projects a recognition of high achievement and reflects the acceptance and wish of the client to mark a significant occasion by an act of generous patronage of the arts. The commissioning is an important event and these guidelines seek to demonstrate the best practice towards ensuring a fair and equable basis for client and designer.

FIDEM, using their full experience have prepared the following to help all those interested in the medal. The guidelines have received the approval of the United Kingdom Royal Mint

The guidelines can be retrieved and printed out from the enclosed pdf.


It is not always easy for an artist new to medal-making to find their way around the world of commissions, exhibitions, copyright and so on. It was to meet this need that a version of this advice document was presented by Australian artist Michael Meszaros at the FIDEM congress in Weimar in 2000. The text was then adjusted by the author in the light of constructive comments made at the time.






Guidelines for delegates and vice-delegates
(version 20.12.2018)




Guidelines for congresses
(last update: 20.12.2018)






Guidelines for commissions and competitions











Business Guidelines for medallists