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Fédération Internationale de la Médaille d'Art
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We are currently building a web-shop which will contain different types of memberships and where you also will be able to buy old and new issues of Médailles Magazine.

If you cannot wait to become a FIDEM member or have questions about the memberships, please contact our treasurer and membership responsible, Ms Ana Pereira (e-mail:

If you have questions about the web-shop, please contact the webmaster, Ms Marie-Astrid Pesdonk (e-mail:

MAKE YOUR PAYMENT via bank transfer

FIDEM - International Art Medal Federation

Nordea Bank Finland Plc

Asematie 10, Vantaa - FI-00020 Nordea - Finland

Account no.122030-235578
IBAN-code: FI6012203000235578
Swift-code: NDEAFIHH


Are you living in the US, Canada or Australia? Then you have to contact the delegate or vice-delegate of your country. They are handling the memberships.

How to get in contact with the delegate of your country? Just go to DELEGATES and click on your country in the list on the right hand-side and you will get their contact information.