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Last update: 20.10.2020





XXXVI art medal congress - Tokyo

Greetings from the FIDEM JAPAN Association / FIDEM TOKYO 2020 Secretariat (20.10.2020)

Everyone will know that, considering the safety and health of all people involved in FIDEM and wishing to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) infection, we have decided to postpone the FIDEM TOKYO 2020 congress and exhibition scheduled for October 21st (Wednesday) to 24th (Saturday) 2020.  FIDEM TOKYO is now set to take place in December 2021.

For a long time, we, the FIDEM TOKYO Executive Committee, had been preparing to hold the congress and exhibition as scheduled, hoping that the situation regarding coronavirus would normalize as soon as possible.  This summer we observed the ever-changing domestic and international situation on a daily basis, and, based on the announcements from government agencies, we had many discussions with the executive committee members and the FIDEM secretariat in order to make the event happen.  However, we realized that even if the state of emergency were lifted in Japan, there would be no prospect of convergence worldwide, and at this point in time strict restrictions such as the continuation of areas subject to entry denial into Japan have not yet been lifted.  Moreover, and above all, people's health and safety in this critical situation that threatens our lives cannot be ignored.

We sincerely apologize for the time it took to inform you of the postponement and hope that all of you have successfully completed refunds for any flights you purchased because of your plans to participate in the Congress.  As soon as they are known, we will inform you about the countries where the restrictions on entry to Japan have been lifted, how to enter the country, and the details of any new arrangements, so please be patient.

We look forward to seeing you in Tokyo in December 2021, believing that the future is near in which people will respect each other and regain their health and safety.

Finally, we would like to express our deepest sympathies to all those affected by the spread of the coronavirus infection. And we pray for the elimination of COVID-19 as soon as possible, and for your health and sincere peace.

About FIDEM next year...
The titles of the congress and exhibition remain "FIDEM TOKYO 2020". 
The postponed dates and details are as follows:

- FIDEM World Medal Congress:  December 1st-4th, 2021.
- FIDEM International Medal Exhibition: December 2nd-16th, 2021 (open to the public for 15 days).

At the congress, we want to introduce new programs to make FIDEM more powerful and full of fresh energy.  We also want to prepare a safe and secure environment for FIDEM and to create a new FIDEM together with you.

Please be careful in all the countries where the infection is spreading again.  Please take care of yourself, especially regarding coronavirus and also influenza.  There are many inconveniences attached to the lifestyle that coexists with coronavirus, but let's also take care of each other.

We are looking forward to seeing you when this situation is over.  We appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation.

FIDEM International Contemporary Art Medal Exhibition

Executive committee FIDEM TOKYO 2020
FIDEM JAPAN Association
Director FIDEM TOKYO 2020 Chairman                      Masaharu Kakitsubo
Management Director  FIDEM TOKYO 2020 Producer          Toshiaki Yamada




Because of the present crisis, the FIDEM congress planned for Tokyo between 20th to 24th October 2020 has had to be postponed.

The new dates for the XXXVI congress are 1st to 4th December 2021. The new dates for the medal exhibition are 2nd to 16th December 2021.

The latest information can be found on the website of the organizers:



The venue for the XXXVI FIDEM congress in 2020 was decided during the FIDEM interim meeting in Ottawa (2017) and presented during the General Assembly in Ottawa in June 2018. The city of Tokyo (Japan) will host the modern art medal congress.



The congress and exhibition will be held at the Hotel Gajoen Tokyo which is known as the Museum Hotel of Japan Beauty. It has enchanting galleries filled with Japanese pre-war art and tranquil gardens with a river flowing through them.

The exhibiton will be held in the Hyakudan Kaidan (meaning the one hundred steps stairs), which is situated in the old part of the Gajoen, often called as a “department store of ornamentation”, or a Palace of the Dragon King of Showa Era.

The organizers have openend a website where more information will be available. Please note that the FIDEM Tokyo 2020 website is a separate website from the FIDEM one. For any questions or remarks regardig the congress website please contact the organizers (email:


More details will follow.

Medals for Tokyo 2020

The deadline for receiving medals in Japan is 29 February 2020. Medals must arrive by this date. Medals can only be sent in by the country delegates.

The address to which the delegates should send the medals is:
FIDEM JAPAN Association
Toshiaki Yamada
1-4-9 Mukougaoka
JP- Tokyo 113-0023

All forms for sending the medals will be sent to the delegates in due time. There is no theme set for the medals. As previously the maximum measurements for one medal is 150 x 150 x 150 mm. Quotas will soon be allocated to each country.

Enclosed  a PDF with information and instructions (English/French) as well as the

bursaries for young artists under the age of 30 - Closed

Bursaries of up to 2,000 euro are available to help ten artists who will be under 30 on 19th October 2020 to attend the FIDEM congress in Tokyo (20th – 24th October 2020).

These bursaries have been made possible through the generosity of the University of Bergen. The bursaries will be allocated by a sub-committee of FIDEM's Executive Committee.

The application time is closed. No more applications are accepted. The ten successful applicants will be notified of FIDEM's decision by 31st March 2020.

Successful applicants will be required to attend the FIDEM congress. An experienced medal-maker will be nominated by the relevant national delegate as a mentor for each successful applicant. This mentor will advise the successful applicant on medal-making throughout 2020-21, so that he/she is in a good position to submit medals to the 2022 FIDEM exhibition. (Note that acceptance of such medals for the FIDEM exhibition is at the discretion of the relevant FIDEM national delegate.)

Call for Papers - Appel À communications

LogoTokyo2020The deadline for the call for papers has been set for the 31st March 2020.

Proposals for papers are invited on all aspects of medallic art, both historical and contemporary.

Papers may be given in English or French. The length of each lecture will be 20 minutes, after which there will be 5 minutes for discussion.

All media presentations must be prepared using computer presentation software. No slide projectors or overhead projectors will be available and you may not use your own laptop. Presenters are encouraged to use Microsoft PowerPoint as their presentation media and place their presentation on a USB-stick. The conference venue will provide computers and media projectors for PowerPoint presentations.

The deadline for proposals is 31st March 2020. Please bear in mind that not all proposals may be accepted. Successful applicants will be notified by 15th April 2020.

Proposals should:

should include:

Please email your proposals to the General Secretary (email:

All papers will be published in FIDEM’s journal Médailles, which will act as the record of the Proceedings of the XXXVI Congress in Tokyo.


Appel À communications

LogoTokyo2020La date limite pour l'appel à communications a été fixée pour le 31 mars 2020.

Les propositions d’articles devront concerner les différents aspects de l’art de la médaille, soit historique que contemporaine.

Les communications peuvent être écrites et présentées en anglais ou en français. La durée de chaque conférence sera de 20 minutes, suivies de 5 minutes pour la discussion.

Toutes les présentations doivent être préparées à l'aide de logiciels informatiques de présentation. Aucun projecteur de diapositives ou rétroprojecteur ne sera disponible et vous ne pourrez pas utiliser votre propre ordinateur portable. Les auteurs sont encouragés à utiliser Microsoft PowerPoint comme support de présentation et placer la présentation sur une clé USB. La salle de conférence sera équipée des ordinateurs. et des projecteurs multimédia pour les présentations PowerPoint.

La date limite pour soumettre des propositions est le 31 mars 2020. L’organisation décidera de l’acceptation ou le refus des propositions. Les proposants seront informés de la décision avant le 15 avril 2020.

Les propositions devront être

et devront inclure:

Veuillez envoyer vos propositions par courriel à la Secrétaire Générale (

Tous les articles présentés seront publiés dans la revue Médailles de la FIDEM, qui agira à titre de compte rendu des délibérations du XXXVI Congrès de la FIDEM (Tokyo 2020).

XXXV Congress - Ottawa (Canada) 2018

CanadaThe 35th FIDEM congress was held in Ottawa (Canada), between 29th May and 2nd June 2018. The reports can be found under archives.

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