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  • Médailles 2012
  • € 25
  • Médailles Magazine has been published since 1938 and is published after each congresses. It contains general information about FIDEM and its structure. Articles about the congress and its exhibition, lectures given at the congresses and articles about the workshops are published as well. 

    In 2012 the XXXII FIDEM congress was held in Glasgow (Great Britain), this issue of Médailles (n64) was published in 2013.


    International Art Medal Federation
    What is FIDEM?
    Who is who in FIDEM?
    Honorary members
    Executive Committee 2012-2014
    Consultative Committee 2012-2014

    XXXII FIDEM Art Medal World Congress, Glasgow, Great Britain, 2012

    FIDEM XXXII in Glasgow – What next?
    Ilkka Voionmaa

    Congress report
    Melanie Vandenbrouck

    This Exhibition of Contrasts
    Marcy Leavitt Bourne

    FIDEM Grand Prix 
    The jury

    Aimo Viitala Prize 
    Gunnel Sievers

    Cuhaj Prize
    Marie-Astrid Pelsdonk

    Plenary Lecture
    William Wyon (1795-1851) 
    Sir Mark Jones

    The Medal in History 
    The Matter of Faith: Numismatic Extrapolation of Biblical Traditions 
    Ira Rezak

    Restoring the Church: The context of a papal medal probably used in Bergen in 1865
    Henrik von Achen

    The Olympic and Paralympic movements: the British connection through medals
    Philip Attwood

    Behind the curve? Why the Société des Amis de la Médaille Française was a failure
    Ian d’Alton

    Two portrait plaques by the medallist Ivan Jeger modeled after the prints by the Old Masters
    Tatijana Garelji?

    The Medal as Idea
    Medals depicting Catalonia and the Guerra dels Segadors (1640-1652): a confrontation between countries, hostile iconographies, diverse media
    Cristina Fontcuberta i Famadas

    On n’a pas trouvé sa médaille belle: Nikolaus Seeländer’s maverick medal on the Hanoverian succession
    Ulrike Weiss

    Among the most celebrated engravers: the Dassiers and the art of the print
    William Eisler

    From reality to legend. Heroes of the Finnish war of 1808-1809 in book illustrations and medals
    Outi Järvinen

    The Medal as Object
    Sculptor’s medals at the Musée d’Orsay
    Alain Weil

    Reviving an ancient form – La Société Française des Amis de la Médaille 1925-1965
    Frances Simmons

    A la limite: un siècle d’expériences entre médaille et sculpture
    Javier Gimeno

    João Duartes. Between monuments, trophies and medals, 1980-2010
    Hugo Maciel

    Stevens-Sollman Studio: on making art together and separately
    Jeanne Stevens-Sollman

    This living hand – the medal as a tangible made object
    Benedict Carpenter

    Haptic pleasures: the medal as hand-held sculpture
    Melanie Vandenbrouck

    The medal as object – My identifications
    Hanna Jelonek

    The Medal Today
    Martin Correia – the sculptor 1910-1999. The pleasure of liking expressed in shape and colour 
    João Duarte

    The creative process of ”airport medals”
    James MaloneBeach 

    ”Outsourcing next offshoring”– The contemporary medal on the Western crisis context
    José Teixeira

    My medallic world
    Bogomil Nikolov

    The medal tomorrow: Audience and makers 
    Medals on display – Proceedings of an exhibition with 18thcentury medals in Teylers Museum
    Jan Pelsdonk

    Louder than words
    Marcy Leavitt Bourne

    2ème Atelier Internaional de la Médaille et de la Petite Sculpture à Herent (juillet 2011)
    Paul Huybrechts

    FIDEM 2012 Glasgow outing to Malcolm Appleby Studio
    George Cuhaj

    Forging at the Glasgow Sculpture Studio – Workshop by David Frazier
    Lynden Beesley

    Agenda and Minutes, Programs and Participants
    Agenda – Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly

    Minutes from the Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly

    Agenda – Ordre du Jour of the General Assembly

    Minutes of the General Assembly

    Financial Report 
    by the Treasurer

    by the Accounts Auditor

    Moral Report 
    by the Secretary General

    The Website 
    by the Webmaster


    List of participants

    FIDEM Statutes
    FIDEM Statutes (English)
    Statuts de la FIDEM (Français)

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