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grand prix archives

The Grand Prix was instituted during the FIDEM congress in London in 1992. A jury chosen by the Executive and Consultative Committee is to look at all the medals exhibited during a congress exhibition. The jury has to follow a certain number of criterias and chose the medal and artist they believe answers best to the criterias. The Grand Prix is then awarded and the winner revealed during the final diner of the congress.

previous fidem grand prix winners

1992 - Maria Lugossy (Hungary)
1994 - Magdalena Dobrucka (Poland)
1996 - Guus Hellegers (The Netherlands)
1998 - Joanna Troikowicz (Sweden)
2000 - Tibor Budahelyi (Hungary)
2002 - Bernd Göbel (Germany)
2004 - Elisabeth Varga (The Netherlands)
2007 - Helder Batista (Portugal)
2010 - Elly Baltus (The Netherlands)
2012 - Tetsuji Seta (Japan)
2014 - Irina Suvorova (Russia)
2016 - Ron Dutton (Great Britain)
2018 - Mashiko (USA)
2021 - Michael Meszaros (Australia)