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Last update: 15.05.2025



xxxVIII art medal congress - MÜNICH


The next FIDEM congress will be held in the State Antique Collection (Antikensammlung) at Königsplatz, Munich, from 15th October 2025 to 31st January 2026.

Optional theme: Our myths, our roots
Ancient stories that are valid across eras play a major role in all human cultures. They live on in our collective memory as mental and visual memories. These myths are popular, but they also change as they are transferred to new people and encounter the phenomena of different times.

Taking into account the exhibition location in the State Antique Collection at Königsplatz in Munich, the chosen subject is: Our myths, our roots.

However, this is not obligate, rather an optional suggestion for all submitting artists to consider.

There are two museums of antiquities founded by King Ludwig I of Bavaria at Königsplatz. The older one is the Glyptothek, dedicated solely to ancient sculpture with the figures from Aegina and the Barberini Faun. On the other side of the square there is the State Antique Collection, known for its Greek vases, terracotta figures, gold jewelry, glasses, gems and coins.

The FIDEM medals are shown in the State Antique Collection. A small number of ancient exhibits will remain in the rooms and will be on display alongside with the medals. These include the unique Tropaion from the Battle of Salamis (4th century BC), the Golden Wreath from Armento in Southern Italy (370-360 BC), the mummy portrait from Fayum in Egypt (140 AD), the diatret glass cup from Cologne (400 AD), as well as some vases and terracottas.

Technical advice
The medals will be presented in display cases where they will be carefully attached with pins to almost vertical walls. In order to enable a satisfactory attachment, the organisers need to ensure that:

Documentation and photos by FIDEM delegates
Artist information forms and medal submission forms will be sent out to national delegates in due course. By 15th March 2025, the national delegates should return these forms and high quality photographs (minimum 300 dpi) of the medals to be used in the catalogue.

Loan and transport
The medals should be sent to this address between 20th and 30th August 2025:

Staatliche Antikensammlung
Königsplatz 1
80333 Munich

Questions can be sent to Marin Hirsch at the email: