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Last update: 12.01.2019




xxxV art medal exhibition

644 medals made by 394 artists from 33 countries

The exhibition was officially openend during a very special ceremony on 30 May 2018. For this exhibition a very specific theme had been set: Women and Women in Natural Sciences.

The medals sent to the exhibition had to celebrate the contributions and achievements women have made to society. The contribution could be in commerce, politics, nutrition, fashion, and family, to name a few. The achievements could be recent or have taken place centuries ago. The possibilities were endless. The medal could be about any woman believed to have made a difference in the lives of others. As well as medals featuring individual women, medals that make more general statements about the contribution that women make to society were welcome.

For the very specific theme of Women in the Natural Science the medals would have to celebrate the contributions and achievements women have made in the field of natural sciences such as biology, zoology, botany, geology, geography, astronomy to name a few. The medals following the specific theme of Women in the Natural Sciences were displayed as a separate group but still within the other medals. The best medal in the “Women in the Natural Sciences” category was awarded a prize during the final diner on 2nd June.


Something new for this Congress Exhibition was the participation of a group of students from the Elmwood School. The 9 to 12 grades students and their teacher followed the theme of Women in the Natural Sciences and created medals in felt. Felting being the oldest known process of making textile is also a well re-used technique today which celebrates women and crafting. Their stunning creations were accompanied by a catalogue.






































































































Photos: J&M Pelsdonk