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Last update: 27.09.2012

social events at the xxxi congress

10 July 2012

The USA delegation Party was held in the Cloisters of the University of US delegate medal 2012Glasgow. Under a heavy rain but with the good spirit of all theguests theparty was a success. Meeting old friends,making new ones and missing those not here, one could say that the FIDEM congress was inoffically opened. The party was hosted by Mashiko who presented all the delegates present with the USA FIDEM Delegation medal.The medal was made by the American sculptor and medal artist, Jim Licaretz. It is made in resin and has been made with both traditional and digital sculpture technique. A very interesting piece which absolutely has to be held against the light for a maximum effect.

11 July 2012

The inauguration opening of the congress exhibition was held in the Kelvin Gallery of the Hunterian museum and generously sponsored by the University Museum of Bergen (Norway). The director of the Hunterian, Professor David Gaimster, officially opened the exhibition and was awarded with the FIDEM 70' medal. During this opening the receivers of the FIDEM scholaships were presented. They were of a total of 11. Two British participants shared one of the scholarship.

12 July 2012

26The City of Glasgow was the host of the civic reception held at the magnificent City Chambers. It is one of the city’s most important and prestigious buildings and is overlooking George Square in the heart of the city centre. A big buzz was going through the great hall. A real FIDEM buzz were the talks varied from medals to... medals. A good evening in a splendid surrounding.




13 July 2012

Four excursions were made in the afternoon. One took some participants to the Glasgow School of Art. This is the most famous building designed by the Glaswegian artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928). Some participants could enjoy the Hill House, which is also made by Mackintosh. The interior is designed by him and his wife and gives a very good impression of the Art Nouveau movement from Glasgow. A third group went on a bus tour taking them the Glengoyne Distillery which is situated near Loch Lomond. This distillery has been producing single malt scotch whisky for nearly 200 years. Some tasting was made... The fourth group felt the 'Friday 13th' syndrom. First their bus brooke down and they had to wait for a replacement one. Once this one arrived and after some driving around the outer part of Glasgow's highway, the driver did not know how to take them to their final destination so they ended up coming back to the University. They never saw the Little Sparta Sculpture Garden but went instead to see the Burrell Collection at Pollock Park. But nevertheless they were in very good spirit at the BAMS reception later the same evening at the Glasgow School of Art and all seemed to have enjoyed the Burrell Colection.

The British Art Medal Society, BAMS, held a reception at the Glasgow School of Art where the guests could enjoy a private view of the exhibition entitled Taking Sides. This exhibition is the result of the BAMS Student Medal Project 2012.




During this reception, the Bulgarian artist Bogomil Nikolov was presented with the 2012 BAMS President's medal and Marsh Award for the Encouragement of Medallic Art. Yet another jolly envening with a lot of discussions about medallic art.

14 July 2012

Dutton&BogomilRon Dutton was honoured with the medal of the Medallic Sculpture Studio, Sofia for Special Merits in the field of the medallic art - Medallist Honoris Causa (55mm, cast brass, silvered). The previous recipient was Mashiko.

The final diner was held in the magnificent historical surroundings of Bute Hall at the University of Glasgow. Towards the end of the diner, the students that had been awarded the FIDEM Scholarships were presented by the newly elected president of FIDEM, Mr Philip Attwood, with a diploma during the final diner. The recipients were Lindsay Fisher (USA), Carys Greenwood (Great Britain), Elian Kaczka (Israel), Nodoka Narita (Japan), Biser Neialkov (Bulgaria), Hanna Piksarv (Estonia), Andreia Pinelas (Portugal), Rita Quieroga (Portugal), Natasha Ratcliffe shared with Kate Ive (Great Britain) and Vencislav Shishkov (Bulgaria).


Mr Attwood also presented with a FIDEM At 70 medal to the organizers of this congress, Mr Donal Bateson and Mrs Sally-Anne Coupar. The medal was also awarded to Mashiko and Mr Aimo Viitala. The former president of FIDEM, Mr Ilkka Voionmaa, announced the winner of the Aimo Viitala Prize for a young artist which was Andrei Bakharev from Finland.


Mr James MaloneBeach dressed for the occasion in a Scottish kilt, announced the name of the fourth knight of the 'Chiquita order'. For the first time, it went to a woman, Mrs Leeny MaloneBeach. Since she could not attend the congress, she had been 'knighted' a couple of weeks previously. Then Mr George Cuhaj proceeded with his Cuhaj Order which was received by Mr Masaharu Kakitsubo from Japan. Mr Cuhaj also announced the names of the winners of the Cuhah Prize for Young Artists namely: Kate Ive and Phoebe Stannard (Great Britain). And at last the winner of the FIDEM Grand Prix was reveeled by Mr Attwood. This time the prize was awarded to Mr Tetsuji Seta from Japan.







































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Medallist Honoris Causa