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in memoriam - 2019

Esther GÓmez Blanco (1966-2019)


SÁndor TÓTH (1933-2019)


Guus Hellegers (1937-2019)

Guus Hellegers



Guus (official: Gustaaf Theodoor Marie) Hellegers was born on 30 June 1937 in Teteringen, the Netherlands. Even as a small child he was fascinated by clay. He liked to play with it, something he continued to do his whole life.

Hellegers went to the Royal Academy at The Hague, the only study where it was already in the first year possible to specialize. He chose sculpting. After this study, he got a scholarship for the National Higher Institute in Antwerp. Iin 1965, he settled in The Hague and seven years later to the province of Friesland.

Hellegers worked on bronze and stone statues. He also had an eye for small sculptures; he was no stranger to medal art. He participated in many FIDEM exhibitions and won its Grand Prix in 1996.. Hellegers died after a short illness, on 7 February 2019.


Gone with the wind- Hellegers

Gone with the wind, bronze, 1981, 53 x 53 mm









































Picture Hellegers: source: Kunstmaand Ameland