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grand prix

2020-2021 year's grand prix winner

Michael Meszaros




The Jury's motivation:

It is our privilege and honour to announce the winner of the FIDEM Tokyo 2020 Grand Prix Prize. The task of shortlisting the nominees for this prize fell to a jury from FIDEM Japan and the Japan Art Medal Association residing in Tokyo. This was because of the limitations of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic which resulted in international members having to attend the congress online. The number of nominees were shortlisted to 12 semi-finalists.  

A three-person jury was then selected to review the medals of the 12 nominees. The members of this three-person jury were Marie-Astrid Voisin Pelsdonk, Toshi Yamada and myself, Susan Taylor. We met online via a Zoom meeting to discuss the criteria for selection and to review the medals together. Toshi very kindly took photos of the medals in situ so that Marie-Astrid and myself could have a sense of their 3 dimensionality.

The criteria for the selection process were based on several factors. We considered the contribution the artist has made to the art of the medal through representation, education and dedication to members at home and abroad. Consideration was given to technique, craftsmanship and the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas through the medium of the art medal. In addition, points were given to the creation of a multi sided medal, encouraging the viewer to explore the medal and its message from all sides.  

As always, a decision such as this one is not easy. The jury members were impressed by variety of the work selected as semi-finalists for this prize and wish to thank those involved in preparing the short list. We are very pleased to announce that Michael Meszaros is the winner of the FIDEM Tokyo 2020 Grand Prix Prize! Congratulations Michael!


Jury: Susan Taylor (Canada),Marie-Astrid Voisin Pelsdonk (the Netherlands) and Toshi Yamada (Japan)