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grand prix

2018 year's grand prix winner


The Jury's motivation:

The jury had suitable time options to view the exhibition and quite early after our first viewing it was agreed that the use of the sides and edge of the medal adding to the tactile nature of handling the medals and learning from these were of particular importance.

There were many excellent medals in the exhibition which were uniface but as we had agreed were not potential winners of the Grand Prix.

Our deliberations were focussed on the skills of modelling and or fabrication which caught the eye and demanded further examination.

There then came a stage when we began to make decisions as to which medals used these abilities to emphasize the importance and spirit of the theme of Women.

Eventually from a list of 12 exhibitors we decide that the presentation of one artist was particularly thoughtful and demanded close attention. The inventiveness of the forms and their interaction was very stimulating which we felt would attract attention from a wide audience. Consequently, after reviewing our short list there was a unanimous decision to award the Grand Prix to Mashiko Nakashima

Jury: Ron Dutton UK, Tapio Suominem Finland, Ana Pereira Portugal

















Dr Ginko Ogino, 2017
bronze, wood, urushi
photo: Douglas Taylor